User onboarding & sheet creation projects
From March to November 2017 I worked on various user on-boarding initiatives. Accomplishments include:
— Day-to-day tasks of making incremental improvements
— Defined UX patterns
— Prepared a design proposal for a completely new on-boarding framework and sheet creation flow.

The UX design and research teams held usability tests during Smartsheet's annual customer conference. I ran tests around user on boarding. For this one, power users were tasked with prioritizing aspects of the app's functionality most relevant to new team members.

The 'Engage' customer conference in September 2017 allowed the UX team to collect feedback on a variety of use cases.

I worked with Hina, a UX researcher, to collect data that would shed light on the specific pain points existing users have when getting team members on board with Smartsheet.

Early visual design for pre-app on boarding flow.

Ideation phase of app on boarding & sheet creation flows.

Prototype of empty states and sheet creation via Template Gallery. The prototype was built in Axure under a test plan/hypotheses created with my manager Ashley Karr on the Revenue team.

A second iteration of the Template Gallery integrated into a proposed sheet creation flow.

Visual design proposal for the Template Gallery.

Product tours & tips

Sketches for product tour tip design patterns.

An example of a design pattern featuring upgrade via menu tooltip.

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